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Bringing the Sunshine, and the Boogie, to the Van Wezel

Through a career spanning 45 years, KC and the Sunshine Band has cemented itself into the annals of musical history as one of the best in the boogie business...

Community Foundation

Sounds of Protégés

Music to our ears—the newly established Venice Symphony Youth Orchestra (VSYO) program provides students as young as 8-years-old, the opportunity...


High Five BurgerFi

Craving a bombtastic burger? The stylish, eco-minded chain out of Ft. Lauderdale continues to popularize upon being named as one of the top two national...

Local Eats

New Restaurants

Nov 1, 2018Andrew Fabian

Culinary Improv

Feast or Famine

Dismounting the Ladder

At the Table

Nov 13, 2018Brittany Mattie

High Five BurgerFi

Love Local Beertail

Pass the Sriracha

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