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SB2 is a community and business initiative featuring a series of collaborative symposiums on key regional issues and topics. SB2 focuses on the collaboration between Sarasota and Bradenton and catalyzes relevant and future-focused regional dialogue through a special keynote speaker and facilitated panel discussion with representatives from both counties on topics impacting our regional economy: from education to philanthropy from economic development to workforce development, from healthcare to aging and from manufacturing to the development of the cultural arts.  SB2 includes breakfast symposium in Sarasota. When you become a member, you will also be invited to join us for the SB2 Rumbles, which feature a debate format on a vibrant community issue hosted at the Powel Crosley Mansion.

Visit SRQSB2.COM for the full schedule and to purchase season tickets.



SRQ Magazine formed the Women in Business Initiative as a year-long program engaging the participants in the annual Women in Business Competition to create highly-dynamic personal networking that catalyzes community leadership through the science and art of mentorship. Every April, we host the Hear Me Roar Leadership and Awards Luncheon recognizing the past years’ Women in Business Leadership Circle Class and announcing the finalists and winners of the current year's Women in Business Competition comprising the new inductees to the Leadership Circle. The winners, finalists and judges of the competition are published in the May edition of SRQ Magazine in a special awards section. Programs powered by the Women in Business Initiative include SkillSHARE: Mentorship at the Speed of Life and SMARTgirl.

For more on the Women in Business Initiative, visit SRQHEARMEROAR.COM.




SRQ Gives Back Division

The SRQ Gives Back initiative acts as a connector between various sectors of the community and our readers. Forging reciprocal ongoing partnerships with community organizations, businesses and nonprofits through continual conversation and support, SRQ MEDIA is constantly on the look out for ways in which to connect its partners with opportunity. Whether it is jumping on-board to help with a capital campaign or fundraiser, connecting partners with other companies in a complementary relationship,  or brainstorming about effective marketing and promotional strategies, SRQ partnerships are creative networking sessions that do not end. SRQ MEDIA leverages powerful digital, print and film documentary platforms to realize our partners' stories with our regional audiences. We focus on the long term; ultimately, what benefits our partners, benefits our community. 

SRQ GIVES BACK – Media Sponsorships

SRQ Gives Back, a program of the SRQ Gives Back Division, forms strategic alliances with not-for-profit and charitable organizations to connect them with the SRQ audience, engage support for their missions, and collaborates with each in a strategic way to ensure success for their goals.  As a facilitator for growth and market health  in the community, SRQ is invested in ensuring the economic prosperity and positive brand image  of our nonprofit partners so they can continue to do the good work that benefits so many.  Click here to submit your event for SRQ Gives Back media sponsorship consideration.



SRQ STORY PROJECT – Annual Synergistic Partnership with Non-Profits

The Story Project, a program of the SRQ MEDIA Gives Back initiative, represents a deep-dive partnership with local non-profit organizations to establish brand resonance, engage audience development, and target specific points of awareness through the art and science of storytelling. The SRQ Gives Back team works hand-in-hand with participating non-profits through with a year-long commitment beginning with an engagement workshop where stakeholders from the organization meet with the SRQ team to identify opportunities for collaborative work. 

Contact Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Engagement Ashley Grant to discuss your interest in the SRQ Gives Back program. Phone: 941-365-7702 x204. Email: ashley.grant@srqme.com.