Qualification closed for candidates seeking state and county office today. The following candidates running in Sarasota and Manatee counties qualified to appear on the ballot. Primaries and school board races are scheduled for Aug. 28 with the general election scheduled for Nov. 6.


State Senate


District 23

Faith Olivia Babis – D

Joe Gruters – R


State House


District 70

Keisha Bell - D

Wengay “Newt” Newton - D (incumbent)

Vita D. Sheeley - D


District 71

Tracy B. Pratt - D

Will Robinson - R


District 72

Margaret Good – D (incumbent)

Jason Miller - R

Ray Pilon - R


District 73

Liv Coleman – D

Tommy Gregory – R

Melissa Howard – R


District 74

James Vernon Buchanan – R

Robert Samuel Kaplan – NPA

Tony Mowry – D

Linda Yates – R


Manatee County


County Commission 2

Reginald Bellamy – D

Dimitrie Denis – R

Charles B. Smith – D (imcumbent)


County Commission 4

Mark D. Black – R

Laurie Galle – R

Melton Little – D

Misty Servia – R


County Commission 6 (at-large)

Candace Luther – NPA

Carole Whitmore – R (incumbent)


School Board 2

Alice Kaddatz

Charles Kennedy (incumbent)


School Board 4

James F. Daniel, Jr.

Scott L. Hopes (incumbent)

Joseph Stokes


School Board 5

John Colon (incumbent)

James T. Golden



Sarasota County


County Commission 2

Ruta Maria Jouniari – D

Alexandra Coe – R

Christian Ziegler – R


County Commission 4

Wesley Beggs – D

Mike Cosentino – D

Alan Maio – R (incumbent)

Lourdes Ramirez – R


School Board 1

Nick Guy

Bridget Ziegler (incumbent)


School Board 4

Shirley Brown (incumbent)

Karen Rose


School Board 5

Pamela Anne Gavette

Jane Goodwin (incumbent)

Richard Paul Linden

Justin Cody Willis



(list will be updated further today if necessary)