Get your bidding hands ready—the furniture and decor of The Woven Home Collection (TWHC) may come secondhand, but these covert rescuers salvage them in near perfect condition and secure them with new homeowners. Thrifty operatives Lindsey Poll and Megan Uccello scour the region’s marketplace to obtain boho, beachy, earthy and retro furnishings for their resale e-store. Sourced items are likely handmade or hand-loomed and of a neutral color palette—including warm tones of sand, tan, wood, walnut, honey and cream.

Photo courtesy of @thewovenhomeco Instagram e-shop.


Since their operation launched in June 2020, Poll and Uccello have secured and acquired numerous assets that fit TWHC’s M.O.: rattan, bamboo, jute, wicker, cane, macramé and other natural or woven textiles. Sought-after and salvaged items in high demand for design creatives and hip homebodies have included bohemian-clad chandeliers, planter coverings, vintage wine racks, braided basket wall displays, towel holders, daybeds and love seats to swivel chair sets, area rugs, tote bags, nesting side tables, coffee tables, headboards and striking shelving units with eye-catching arches.

TWHC operates entirely virtually on Facebook and Instagram by simply posting newly discovered items each week on their social media pages. Posts include beautifully designed staging photos of the thrifted item utilized in a space, as well as close-ups of its finish or framework. Poll, who’s style can be described as “farmhouse charm with a boho twist and a splash of cozy,” is incessantly rearranging rooms in her home. Her background in decorating helps buyers envision each new find in their own home and ultimately decide if it’s the right fit. “The thrill of finding new items to stage and photograph is what makes this business most exciting for me,” she says.

The prep of each piece of furniture or decor becomes a crafty showcase of merchandise to post and share. Never, though, will the secretive ladies spill where they unearthed and reclaimed their treasured finds. One can only assume they have a list of likely suspects they pursue and investigate in order to continually turn inventory for their loyal following. They did share, however, that they’ve stumbled upon pieces all over the state of Florida: from antiques shops, thrift stores, garage sales and even perfectly abandoned gems on the side of the road.

“This is the best part about thrifting—you never know what you’re going to find,” they say. For Uccello, a true bohemian private eye with a mid-century modern edge—also restlessly redesigning her home on a regular basis—it’s all about supporting the local economy and fellow small entrepreneurs. “I like to support other small local thrift stores and nonprofits, specifically, while, of course, searching in all the nooks and crannies of the Venice, Sarasota and Bradenton areas mostly,” she says. “Most days, I spend time visiting a few of my regular shops in central Sarasota, but occasionally I’ll venture to Tampa or Fort Myers to pick up specific pieces.” SRQ