Rosemary Square Announces Five Murals Over Five Months

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Rosemary Square, a Jonathan Parks-designed development in the Rosemary District that plays home to Sarasota Contemporary Dance, the Arnold Simonsen Players Studio and the Sarasota Ballet School, as well as restaurants like The Overton and Spice Station, has already well staked its claim as a cultural center for the district. But the area will be adding another feather in its cap—five, in fact—as Rosemary Square teams up with the Art Impact Initiative to install five new murals over the course of the next five months. Four regional artists will participate in the project—three based in Sarasota and one from Tampa—with muralist and 3D street artist Truman Adams kicking off the first this weekend.

Each month, August through December, a new mural will be added to the Rosemary Square walls, each paying homage to an artistic discipline. Adams will be responsible for the first two—Ballet and Contemporary Dance, which will be created throughout the months of August and September, respectively. In October, Careth Christine will create a mural entitled Theatre, followed by Bianca Burrows’ Opera in November and Pamela Olin’s mural dedicated to the visual and architectural arts closing out the project in December.

For this first mural, Adams says he’s taking inspiration from the Pietersite gemstone, whose rippling striations remind him of “dancing figures and flowing fabric.” Using his experience in immersive 3D street art and murals, he will utilize the massive concrete canvas to create an “interactive illusion of archways,” with each portal leading the viewer to another scene and another image. For the September follow-up, Contemporary Dance, Adams looks to create the 3d illusion of a gallery space right on the wall.

“These pieces allow me more creative freedom to accomplish with what I feel is my style and vision of what art is,” he says, of his dual involvement in the project. And beyond that, he’s an artist who believes in the value of public art.

“Public art is important because it takes art out of the gallery and museums and brings it to the masses,” Adams says. “Public art simply makes the world a more beautiful place. My hope is that it brings joy and awe to those who see it.”

Adams will begin his work in Rosemary Square this weekend.

Pictured: Truman Adams stands atop his work. Photo by Craig Houdeshell.

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