Use Common Sense, Change The Date



Common sense... most people have it, some even use it... but more people need to tap into their common sense for this election cycle in voting for candidates and issues on all parts of the ballot. For Sarasota City voters, it is especially important for the Change the Date referendum. Voting in March for City Commissioners results in a dismal turnout every election cycle. More people vote in November and more people voting results in greater participation in the election process and greater accountability by those elected. Oh, by the way, it saves the City approximately $100,000 every March election. Imagine that, savings of your tax dollars by the City.

Amazingly there is opposition full of unfounded claims of special interests, dark money and other fear-based rhetoric. Even more surprising, particularly because the city elections are nonpartisan, is that the Democratic Party is telling their followers to vote no on this ballot issue. How odd, don’t you think, for any political party to not want more votes cast. Sounds like special interest to me. On a very personal note, because that opposition is so fundamentally wrong at the core of our democracy, I have left the Democratic Party after 50 years of support. It was a tough decision but made because I know what’s right and what’s not. More voters make for a better democracy; less voters do not.

Even with the opposition, it’s encouraging to see all of the VOTE YES on Change the Date signs in my Gillespie Park neighborhood as well as many other neighborhoods in the City. In a truly bipartisan way, they are paired with other signs for both Democrat and Republican candidates for a variety of offices. This is one very good opportunity to put aside partisan differences and support a common-sense issue. It’s easy to understand, unlike so many of the other issues on the ballot. It’s at the bottom of the ballot, so don’t miss it.

As a voter in the City of Sarasota for 38 years, as well as an active neighborhood and community participant, I am asking you to vote YES for Change the Date. Why? Because it makes common sense.

Linda Holland is a long-time Sarasota neighborhood leader

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