Anyone who’s brought a toddler in for shots knows the value of a patient pediatrician. If you need someone to care for those especially discerning patients in your household, our readers point to Dr. Ted Meyer of Meyer Pediatrics, who once again takes the title of dopest kiddie doc in this year’s survey. Readers also praised first finalist Dr. Katherine Keeley, while Drs. Scott Featherman and Robert Weiss tied as second finalists.

Julie Kummer (on Ted Meyer): My daughter is nine years old. She loves to visit Dr. Ted. He puts the kids at ease and really enjoys speaking to them. His staff is very competent and helpful and equally engaging with the patients. 

Effie Peterson (on Meyer): We have been clients of Dr. Myers for over five years. Both of our sons absolutely love Dr. Meyers. He has an incredible way with children, so gentle and kind. 

Candice McElyea (on Katherine Keeley): Both of my children have seen Dr. Keeley since the day they were born. She is kind, patient, always takes time to explain everything and always gets us into the office the day we request. She is an absolutely pleasure and I trust her completely with the care and health of the most precious things in my life. She is the best—she comes into the room singing, immediately puts everyone at ease, and has a genuine and sweet demeanor. 

Devin Harms (on Keeley): Her interactions are always sweet and caring and she has this habit of singing to the kids to help them relax. The feel-positive part is made possible in part because the kids usually get a sticker or Animal Cracker before leaving. My wife is always quick to get our daughter examined by Dr. Keeley and she or the other doctors have always provided a caring bedside demeanor. 

Mischa Kirby (on Scott Featherman): Dr. Featherman is warm, very reassuring to parents, and caring with the children, as is his staff.  Our family has been seeing Dr. Featherman for 35-plus years. It began with my husband, Chet, who saw Dr. Featherman beginning in the late 1980s. Our 10-year-old daughter, Zoe, has been his patient since birth.  When she's not feeling well, a laugh from Dr. Featherman, along with a sticker for "Zoe-y woe-y" does the trick.