Not every attraction on the Gulf Coast makes it into the fancy in-flight magazines. Our readers pointed us to occassionally overlooked attractions in the region, including the botanical beauty of Marie Selby Botanical Gardens, winner in the category. The Ringling grounds tied with Cat Depot, a north Sarasota facility our readers suggest need a little more visitor love. Sarasota Jungle Gardens and Old Spanish Point finished as second and third finalists respectively.

Laura Snow (on Selby Gardens): It is just stunning to walk through there and almost no one that visits knows about it!

Tracy Edwards (on Cat Depot): People don't think to visit animal rescues unless they're looking to adopt or volunteer. It was like walking into the most awesome place in the world. Cats everywhere, lots of great volunteers to assist you, to me it's like heaven.

Lena Hernandez (on Cat Depot): People feel that attractions must have fast rides and fun food but that is not true. A true hidden treasure can touch the heart. A visit to Cat Depot can do that. Amazing! The staff and volunteers were knowledgeable and you can easily spend three to four hours there interacting with and learning about the cats.