Josh Wynne Construction paved over competitors this year. Thanks to a signature awesome work ethic, the custom builder makes a splash in this category, where the competition was fierce and the gaps between finalists were small. Murray Homes earned first finalist, followed by second finalist Nautilus Homes and third finalist Neal Communities. 

Jimmy Thornton (on Josh Wynne): There's really no comparison between JWC and other homebuilders. The value you get with JWC is unparalleled, but often under appreciated. Josh and his team work harder than anyone to achieve the highest quality product as quickly as possible and at the lowest possible cost. Achieving all three of those is incredibly difficult without exerting enormous effort from project inception to completion. I've worked with him on a few homes now for other clients, and the work I've seen has been impeccable. His attention to detail throughout the design and construction process ensures a superlative product.  

Jackie Meckstroth (on Murray Homes): When my husband and I decided to build a home on Longboat Key we interviewed several builders, but Steve Murray stood out because of all the time he spent with us before we hired him, answering the many questions we had. The people he employs are such a pleasure to work with. We have been in the house almost 4 years and are thrilled how our home turned out.

Ben Heiderscheidt (on Murray Homes): I have built five homes, and over 11 commercial retail locations over the years. Murray Homes has the most sophisticated system for managing the project. It goes beyond the technology they use. If your staff is not following the “system” the “system” will not work. I went through a process of in-depth bidding for over nine months with multiple builders for our project, and found it difficult to get timely answers to cost and design question through the other builders. The answers I received were also non-specific and had a lot of grey area. Steve [Murray]’s responses were very different, and more importantly, this precise attention to detail has continued after the “sales” phase into the “build” phase. In my experience, this is somewhat rare. I am currently in the last phases of a home under construction with Murray Homes. So far, it is on time and budget, and is probably the best project management I have experienced.